T Mobile Arena Capacity

T-Mobile Arena Capacity – Everything You Need to Know

The T-Mobile Arena is one of the best venues in Las Vegas. It hosts many events from concerts to sports. It has a lot of space and can hold many people.

T Mobile Arena Capacity

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Who Owns The T-Mobile Arena?

The T-Mobile Arena is owned by AEG and MGM Resorts International. They are two big companies. AEG is famous for sports and entertainment. MGM Resorts International is known for its hotels and casinos.

How Many Fans Can T-Mobile Arena Hold?

The T-Mobile Arena can hold up to 20,000 fans. This makes it a great place for big events. Many people can come and enjoy the show or game.

How Many People Fit At T-Mobile Arena Boxing?

For boxing events, the T-Mobile Arena can also hold up to 20,000 people. The seating is arranged so everyone can see the ring. This makes it a popular place for big boxing matches.

How Many Seats Does The T-Mobile Stadium Have?

The T-Mobile Arena has many seats. The total seating capacity is 20,000. This includes seats for concerts, sports, and other events.

T-Mobile Arena Basketball Capacity

The T-Mobile Arena is also great for basketball. It can hold 18,000 fans for basketball games. This makes it a top choice for big basketball events.

T-Mobile Arena Capacity Kansas City

T-Mobile Arena is in Las Vegas, not Kansas City. But Kansas City has its own T-Mobile Center. The T-Mobile Center in Kansas City can hold about 19,000 people.

T Mobile Arena Capacity

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World-Class Amenities

The T-Mobile Arena has many world-class amenities. These include luxury suites and VIP entrances. There are two dedicated VIP entrances for special guests.

Luxury Suites

The arena has many luxury suites. These suites offer a private and comfortable experience. They have great views of the event.

Vip Entrances

There are two VIP entrances. These entrances make it easy for special guests to get in. VIP guests can skip the long lines.

Toshiba Plaza

The arena also has a two-acre Toshiba Plaza. This plaza is for pre-event functions and special events. It’s a great place to gather before an event starts.

Seating Chart

The seating chart of the T-Mobile Arena is well-planned. It makes sure everyone has a good view. The chart is designed for concerts, sports, and other events.

Event Type Seating Capacity
Concerts 20,000
Boxing 20,000
Basketball 18,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The T-mobile Arena Capacity?

T-Mobile Arena can accommodate up to 20,000 people.

How Many Seats Are Available For Vips?

T-Mobile Arena features luxury suites and two VIP entrances.

What Special Amenities Does T-mobile Arena Offer?

The arena has luxury suites, VIP entrances, and a two-acre Toshiba Plaza.


The T-Mobile Arena is a top venue in Las Vegas. It can hold up to 20,000 people. It has many amenities like luxury suites and VIP entrances. The Toshiba Plaza is great for pre-event gatherings. Whether it’s a concert, boxing match, or basketball game, the T-Mobile Arena is a great choice.